Weddings: Corinne & Jon part II Primping

Last week I posted some first look images from a destination wedding in St. John because I think the first look is one of the most special moments of a bride and groom’s day. It is the first time they get to see one another and it will probably be one of the only moments of the day that they are alone. So now let’s take a few steps back and look at what it took to get to that moment. You know, the primping, or as my uncle from Kentucky calls it, “The fluffing and buffing.”

Let’s start with the dress, it was almost as if it was made for Corinne. Elegant and classy—perfect for a beach wedding.

wedding dress
Sleek and sexy (in a tasteful way)—just like Corinne.
wedding orchids to be used in the bride's hair

the bride's jewelry hand-made by her sisters in-laws to be
Corinne's jewelry, hand-made by Jon's sisters, and her 'something blue.' Nice work ladies!
wedding 'i do' undies
I am pretty sure these speak for themselves.
bride getting her hair done by her sister
Rachel, Corinne's youngest sister is the family hair and make up artist. She also happens to be the captain of Boston Universities Women's lacrosse team. I love a girl who is tough, athletic and a primping master.
bride applying her own mascara
Rachel did everything except the mascara. Applying one's own mascara seems to work best.
prewedding champagne
Bubbly anyone?
bride toasting with her girls
bride receiving hand-made jewelry from her sister-in-laws to be
Jon's sisters applying the jewelry they made for Corinne.
mom zipping bride into dress
mom and bride hugging
One last hug from Mom before heading out to meet her man.
groom waiting for bride
All this happened while Jon was left waiting...well, not really. But we did make him wait a little.
bride walking up to have her first meeting with her groom
And she was off to see Jon. She is just glowing! Yes, those are her sisters in the background.
bride's sisters and moms watching first look from afar
When I announced to the girls that Corinne and I were now going to meet Jon alone, they all looked at me with grave disappointment, so they joined us from afar.

Check back tomorrow for images from the ceremony and dancing.

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