Weddings: Destination Weddings Are On the Rise

I have been talking a lot about destination weddings lately, mostly because they are great, but also because they seem to becoming more and more popular. Who doesn’t want to invite the group of people they love the most to a cool location for a few days and marry the person they love? According to the Los Angeles Times, destination weddings are growing because they tend to keep the guest list to a minimum and can create a more intimate celebration for everyone. I agree 100% with this reasoning. My husband and I hosted an intimate destination wedding in Sweden for 53 guests.

As you may already know, my husband is Swedish and most of his family live in Sweden. His parents are older and can’t travel far anymore. When it came time to plan our wedding, this was a big factor in our planning. Therefore, we decided to have our wedding at a location where his parents could attend. Sure, planning a wedding on the other side of the world, at a location you have never been, and dealing with people whose first language is different than your own can be scary, but don’t underestimate the power of the Internet and Skype. Our ceremony took place in the garden of a 18th century Swedish manor. Not only was the manor gorgeous and the grounds picturesque, but it also housed one of the top restaurants in Sweden. The guest rooms were quaint and could accommodate our diverse range of guests from all over the world. It was perfect for us. We spent the weekend surrounded by the people closest to us. They all got to know each other and ate, drank and we married. It was fairytale-esque

So don’t be intimidated—if you dream of a mountain top wedding in the Alps or a beach wedding in the Caribbean, surrounded by the people you love the most, just remember anything is possible when planning a destination wedding. Some people might even say it is easier than planning a wedding in your back yard. Get creative and start researching your destination wedding!

bride and groom in the ceremony of a destination wedding

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