Weddings: Emily & Jeff

I recently took a road trip with my family (husband + dog + me) to Whistler, B.C. for a very special friend’s wedding. Emily and I met in 1996 when we studied abroad. We sailed around the world together, while living on a ship and traveling in ten different countries along the way. I met Emily before the boat left the first port and a true friendship was born. In the last 14 years, Emily and I have never lived in the same city or even state, but we have shared many adventures, experienced different cultures and explored the world together; this is part of what keeps us close. One of my favorite things about Emily is no matter how much time has passed since the last email, phone call, or text message I can reach out to her and we pick up as if no time has passed; she is a real friend.

Emily’s husband Jeff is just as fabulous as she. From the moment I met him I knew Jeff was the one for Emily. The person with whom she’d share her life and be her ‘Emily’ self at all times. I knew this because Jeff seemed to love all the things I loved about Emily.

It was an honor to be a guest at Emily and Jeff’s wedding and snap a few shots here and there. As hard as it can be for me not ‘officially’ shooting a friend’s wedding it also allows be to be present and focus on celebrating the love of the day.  Here is to Emily and Jeff and a life of love and adventure ahead of them.

a bride preparing for the wedding getting her hair curled with a curling iron in black and white
Receiving the final touches.
a bride from behind, can see the the back of her dress, her back with a necklace hanging down the back and her feathered hair piece
Doesn't she have a great back? She is ripped. And that necklace...I love it—classy!
groom standing outside, waiting for his bride with excitement
Meet Jeff. He was glowing with anticipation and excitement awaiting Emily's arrival.
bride and groom hugging
The first meeting and embrace—so very sweet!
bride and her father outside walking toward aisle for the ceremony
It is hard to know who is happier, Emily or her father?
bride hugging her father as he gives her to the groom
groom kissing the bride's hand during the ceremony
As Jeff was finishing his vows to Emily, he grabbed her hand and kissed it. Another very sweet moment.

a bride and groom kissing after being married
What started as a chilly gray day, evolved into a beautiful day. About half way through the ceremony, the sun came out, providing awesome light.
bride and groom's feet, the bride in fancy party shoes with polished toes and the groom in sandals
Jeff hiked the Appalachian Trail in Chacos a while back. So it was only appropriate that he get married in Chacos too. They were fresh out of the box— PRISTINE.
a bride and groom about to kiss at the wedding dinner in black and white

father of the bride giving his speech
The other man in Emily's life—her dad. It was a pleasure to finally meet him after hearing all about him over the years. He is just as warm and fuzzy as Emily portrayed.
mother of the groom giving her speech
Jeff's mom, I only met her briefly, but from what Emily tells me she is a pretty remarkable woman as well. Can you tell where Jeff gets his dreamy blue eyes?
bride and groom dancing their first dance and laughing hystically
I love this picture of them because it is 100% real—they are having a blast! The way a newly married couple should be. Happy, laughing and in love.
two water bottles with waste management logo on them, one says 'hers' the other says 'his'
One final detail that I loved. Emily's co-workers gave her these before she left for the wedding. Awesome, huh?

Emily and Jeff, thanks for having us at your celebration and thanks for letting me grab a few shots. Love you guys!

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