Weddings & Engagements: 2010 Greatest Hits

Following yesterday’s theme of Casey Kasem’s top song lists, today we celebrate Casie Zalud Photography’s 2010 greatest hits for weddings and engagements.

enaged couple in the park on a blanket looking up at the camera
The couple who met in the Peace Corps in Madagascar and will have a destination wedding in St. John this January.
groom standing at the end of the asile looking at the bride coming down
That is one happy groom.
groom kissing the bride's hand after saying his vows to her
Sealing his vows with a kiss on the hand, so sweet.
bride and groom about to kiss at the reception
Stealing a kiss and a quiet moment as the party unfolded around them.
groomsmen on a snowy Colorado fall wedding day
Just a little snow, rain and sunshine at this wedding Breckenridge.

I will finish with a few of my favorite details.

close up of wedding flowers and bride's shoes
Star Wars groom's cake
One of my absolute favorites...the Star Wars groom's cake.
his and hers wedding wastemangement logoed water bottles
Another favorite, the bride who works for Waste Management received his and hers Waste Management water bottles.

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