Weddings: Family Affair

Last week I returned home to the Midwest for a family wedding. It was a nice change to sit back and be a guest at the wedding. I enjoyed the people, the conversations, and the event as a whole. At the same time I will admit, it was hard not photographing the wedding. Shooting weddings is what I do and it felt a little strange not watching the event from the viewfinder of my camera.

Multiple times I said, “Oh, I don’t have all my equipment. I won’t really shoot. I will only take a couple of shots here and there.” Well, a couple of shots turned into a couple more. These are a few shots from a wedding I was not intending to shoot, but I just couldn’t resist. There was so much love in the air. And as with every wedding, there were so many special moments that I wanted to photograph.

the maid of honor tying the bride's dress in the back through a door frame
The ritual preparations of the bride.
groom and grooms mens smiling as they watch the bride coming down the aisle
I bet you can guess who is making them smile. She stole many smiles as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her father.
Star Wars themed grooms cake with figures made of chocolate : Yoda, C3PO R2D2, Luke, Princess Leah in a veil and Chew Backa
The groom is a devout Star Wars fan. His aunt made him a Star Wars groom's cake. I have never seen such craftsmanship and detail on a cake. It was amazing. All of the figures were made of chocolate. But how could you ever eat Yoda?
close up image of Luke and Princess Leah figures made of chocolate on a groom's cake
My husband took this shot of the happy couple—Luke and Princess Leia.
bride and her father dancing at the wedding
The father daughter dance. Very sweet.
a mother and her son at the end of the mother and son dance at a wedding, she is speaking deeply to him and touching his face
The mother son dance. Just as sweet.
traditional Italian wedding dance the tarantella
A wedding in these families does not happen without the tarantella; a traditional Italian folk dance that is very fun and gets the crowd going.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! It was wonderful to be able to share in your special day.

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