Weddings: Julie & Brian

A month ago, I second shot a wedding with Jude Healey, a very talented wedding photographer based in Boulder. I was honored and scared to shoot with Jude. Honored, because of all the other photographers in Boulder, she chose me as her second shooter. Scared, because I knew at the end of the day I would give Jude my memory cards and she would have a bird’s eye view of my unedited work. It made me nervous and left me feeling very vulnerable.

The wedding was in Breckenridge in early October. It was a typical Colorado weather day—a little of this, a little of that.  We had sun, we had golden aspens, we had snow and probably a little of sleet. Minutes before the ceremony was due to start outside, it moved indoors. And once the ceremony began indoors, the sun came out. Typical Colorado weather.

Before the wedding I worked with the guys. So we had a little fun. I had them all stand still and then on the count of three everyone BUT the groom, Brian, could run and change places. Until I called the next time to freeze. It is similar to musical chairs, you know that game kids play. See what I mean?

groom standing in the center and his thriteen groom's men running around him
I like to call this organized chaos, and I especially like the look on Brian's face.
groom in front, groom's men behind him in color as it starts to snow
Just as we were finishing the pictures, it started to snow. The typical Colorado fall day in the mountains.

The bride loves pink. She and her ladies dyed their shoes themselves.

 hot pink shoes with rinestone clips

They just so happened to match these gorgeous roses—perfectly!

close up of three hot pink roses tied together with a black ribbon on a white chair

A couple of other details from the day.

a bride holding her hot pink lily bouquet  in front of her dress
Cool flowers, huh?
a thank you gift of tea from a wedding
The room was decorated with black, pink and white. It was stunning.
champagne glasses with three pink roses
Champagne anyone?

center pieces at a wedding of chessecake and a card that told the bride and groom's love story
The center pieces were different cakes and a card that told a piece of Julie & Brian's love story.
flower girl and ring barer at a wedding. the flower girl is shying away from the camera
I could not keep my eyes off these two all day. So cute!
couple in love dancing at a wedding looking eye to eye
One of the best men and one of the best women getting down.
little girl eyeing up a cake on a table, about to stick her finger in for a lick of the frosting
Yes, that is the cake on the bride and groom's sweetheart table. Yes, she stuck her finger in it—a couple of times. It was our little secret...

Jude’s blog has more shots of the day. Congrats Julie and Brian, here is many years of love and happiness in the years to come

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