Weddings: The Royal Wedding

I am pretty sure you know by now, the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton happens tomorrow. Whether you are a fan of the royal family and you are reading every headline with anticipation as you try to predict the style of Kate’s wedding gown, or your despise the whole charade, it is unavoidable. Come Friday morning, beginning at 3 am MDT, coverage of the royal wedding will be on all the networks. You can even catch it on the Royal Wedding Channel on You Tube. I have read stories of breakfast viewing parties complete with fancy hats and scones. Sounds fun, but an awful lot of work. I will be watching in my PJs, hopefully William and Kate won’t mind.

It is going to be a historic event of our lifetime, just as the wedding of Charles and Diana. I remember being six years old, wanting desperately to watch Charles and Diana’s wedding on our three channel television. My mother wouldn’t stand for cable, so I was forced to watch static and move the antenna in every direction to get a clear picture. Mom clearly did not approve of my choice and told me multiple times to go outside and play. I pretended not to hear her and was glued to the television. I am sure I sat way too close, trying to catch a glimpse of Princess Diana in her wedding gown. It was like a real life fairy tale wedding to me.

Whether you are excited to watch the nuptials of the royal couple, read the gossip after the wedding, review the fashion of the wedding guests (especially the hats), or just go about your normal day on Friday, this witty opinion piece from the New York Times, should give you a giggle as it shares different opinions around this momentous event. Give it a read and let me know what you think? Funny? Or not so funny? Either way, I pass my congratulations to Prince William & Kate.

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