Welcome Letter to the Wee One : Boulder Documentary Newborn Photography

Welcome little one! We are so glad you joined us. This is a special time in your life and in your parents’ lives—a time that no one wants to forget. It goes so fast, but when you are experiencing it, it doesn’t seem to go fast enough. The days drag on to what feels like months and the nights (especially the sleepless ones) feel like years. But when you look back at it, it all seems to pass faster than the wink of an eye.

It is during this time that going to the store or even going for a walk feels like a major accomplishment. That is only because you are all getting to know one another. Your parents are getting to know what your sounds mean. They are realizing that you prefer to be held a certain way, and that when they swaddle you they better let your hands be free otherwise you will break out, one limb at a time. They are figuring out when you like to eat and how much you like to eat while at the same time figuring out when they should eat. They are learning whether you like to be burped on the shoulder or sitting in their lap.

You might be feeling like you are getting plenty of sleep during this time, but I can assure you that your parents might disagree with this. They might seem a little groggy or out of it, and don’t be alarmed if this happens. But they are out of it. Their world has just been turned completely upside down. But there is no place they would rather be than at home with you safe in their arms figuring out how this whole parenting thing works.

And your dogs, don’t worry about them, they are just as confused. They never had a little human to watch over. So if you get a paw in the face or too many licks on the cheeks, don’t let out a scream. Just take a deep breath and know that these two furry dogs have your back. They are here to help support your parents, steal your booties, lick up your spit up and join you on the many stroller rides that are in your future.

Welcome little one, we are so happy you have arrived!

Boulder Photojournalistic Family Photographer

Boulder Documentary Family Photographer

Boulder Documentary Newborn Photographer

Boulder Newborn Documentary Photographer

Boulder Newborn Documentary Photography

Boulder Photojournalistic Newborn Photographer

Boulder Photojournalistic Newborn Photography

Boulder Documentary Newborn Photography

Boulder Newborn Photojournalist Photographer

Boulder Newborn Photojournalist Photography

Boulder Photojournalist Family Photographer

Boulder Photojournalistic Family Life Photographer

Boulder Documentary Family Life Photographer

Boulder Documentary Family Life Photography

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